Monthly Archives: October 2012

Photocopying, Copyright Infringement & Fair Use – The Du Case

We have been following this case rather closely, volumes about which have been written and many a debate sparked because of the chord it has struck with the student community nationwide and the attention it has received from academics, authors and scholars all over. The Hon’ble Delhi High Court’s decision on the matter also has […]

Indian Company hammered over use of ‘Morgardshammar’ Trademark

The Delhi High Court has recently brought the hammer down a company in India for trying to use the trademark and trade name mark of Morgardshammar AB of Italy, even though the latter had revoked the trademark licensing agreement earlier granted to the former. In the matter of Morgardshammar AB V/s Morgardshammar India Ltd., a […]

If your band plays ‘covers’, make sure you’re covered under the law

One of our interns (on our instructions, naturally) came up with a rather well researched write-up on bands performing covers and their rights (or the lack of them) vis-à-vis those of the actual Copyrights owners of the songs. For the uninitiated, ‘covers’ are songs, mostly hits of famous musicians/bands, which are performed by other bands. […]

Disfiguring a relic could earn you a Copyright over it!

Possibly so (though we don’t recommend it. Try non-theological cartooning if you must)! When 80 year old Cecilia Gimenez from Borja, Spain discovered that the church fresco of Jesus Christ at the Misericordia Sanctuary had begun flaking and showing signs of wearing off, she attempted to touch up and restore it. The result was so […]