Candy Crush Saga app developer trademarks the word ‘candy’

It seems that the developers of the wildly popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga aren’t too sweet on the idea of anyone else using the word “candy” to sell a product.

The app’s makers had submitted the filing for the trademark last year and the Candy Crush Saga developers will now be granted exclusive rights to the word “candy” when it comes to video games, gambling services, amusement parks, and a lot more.

Given Candy Crush Saga’s crazy popularity, the casual game has seen a host of copycat apps crop up on app stores. However, trademarking the word candy and launching an attack on all apps, regardless of their purpose does come across as a little absurd.  However, even Zynga, maker of games such as FarmVille, CityVille and PetVille has in the past sued game developers for using the suffix “ville” in their titles.

Though, there is always a possibility of such grants being objected by similar games likes candyland, which was in existence before candy crush. Furthermore, games with similar themes might object to it on basis of the term candy now being generic.

 – Harshit Saxena


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