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De Minimis Rule – Size doth matter!

De minimis is a Latin expression which means, about minimal things. The concept of de minimis in intellectual property arises as a defence for copyright infringement. The concept of de minimis is applicable when a sample of a musical work, an excerpt from a literary work, a photograph or any artistic Copyrighted work is used […]

Parallel Imports: Good, Bad or Ugly

Parallel Imports are at the epicenter of all controversial IP issues. Despite it being considered that they are well within the four walls of law, the laws of the market are hardly the only ones applicable to them. DEFINITION: According to the World Trade Organisation, a parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another […]

The Sweat of Creativity

Over the years, two main principles of Copyright law have emerged as decisive tools for determining the copyrightability of works with. In the near past, a great number of cases have relied upon the Sweat of the Brow principle to ascertain whether copyright subsisted in a work. While, the comparatively stricter principle of, Modicum of […]

7th International Conference on Anti- Counterfeiting and Anti- Piracy organized by the CII

Counterfeiting and Piracy are two of the fastest growing economic crimes in the world today. They threaten the economies of developed and developing countries alike, undermining trading relations, endangering public health and safety and affecting new investment opportunities for economic growth. They have affected almost every industry and all categories of products, but the impact […]